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Day 10 | Genesis, Matthew, Psalms

Day 10 | Genesis, Matthew, Psalms

10 Sep 2018
Genesis 21:1 - 23:20
Matthew 8:23 - 9:13
Psalms 7:10-17

Old Testament

New Testament


Adelle's picture
Very apt today has given me lots to think/pray about. Thanks Ali
strawberry's picture
The story of the storm is one I've thought about a lot. Since struggling with depression this is a verse I have dwelt a lot on, remembering how God can, not only calm the storm, but looks after His disciples while in it. God uses the storms in our lives to teach us and provide us with the opportunities to develop. Through them, it's important that we continue to love others and focus on God and His power, or they can devour us. He has the power to heal the demon possessed men and that gives me hope. Looking not metaphorically, it's also a very powerful reminder that God is not just God of Humans, but God of the whole world. Too often it's easy to forget that he created EVERYTHING, and seeing the seas obey Jesus reminds us of this, and that we need to look after His world and love it as one of His creations.
B_Hannah's picture
Wow, yeah really agree with what strawberry was saying - especially about God creating and having power over nature. So loving looking at the God I worship in different ways and through different eyes. Thanks Ali!! :D
Pauljankelly's picture
Another great passage today (Just as a side night we're on earth are you recording these blogs ).
Ccspeller's picture
Great videos Ali. May I just ask, please keep the camera still. It shakes so much being hand held and kicks up my vertigo :S keep up the great message :-) thank you
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