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Day 103 | Deuteronomy, Luke, Psalms

Day 103 | Deuteronomy, Luke, Psalms

12 Dec 2018
Deuteronomy 19:1 - 20:20
Luke 15:1-32
Psalms 45:1-9

Old Testament

New Testament


CharlotteE's picture
Thanks for these - as always. I really struggle, like many people I think, with some aspects of the Old Testament. For example - why does God encourage taking people as 'forced labour' or 'plunder' in this passage? It seems so at odds with the God I know. I know His focus here is providing for Israel and keeping his promises to them, but it still seems so harsh. Maybe it's just a matter of not being able to understand His plans because we cannot see the big picture / all of eternity as He can. Any insights or ideas? :)
Premier_Timur's picture
@CharlotteE - I think you pretty much summarised it well yourself there :) we can't see the bigger picture, but often God does have to do things like that in the old testament... Also, commenting at 2:59 in the morning? Committed :D
CharlotteE's picture
Night shifts :-) Thanks for replying. It's a tough area - I suppose that's where trust comes in too. Have a great day :)
EstherDC's picture
Yes I find it hard too Charlotte. . Hopefully as our knowledge grows so will our understanding..and become more connected with the bigger picture of God's plan..
Isabel's picture
I'm so glad that God is merciful. Charlotte; sorry I don't know about that OT bit. X