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Day 108 | Deuteronomy, Luke, Proverbs

Day 108 | Deuteronomy, Luke, Proverbs

17 Dec 2018
Deuteronomy 29:1 - 30:10
Luke 18:31 - 19:10
Proverbs 10:1-10

Old Testament

New Testament


Premier_Timur's picture
Question I've been wrestling with... If Good knew what was to happen to the people, that they would never fulfil their obligations, then why have the old covenant in the first place? I mean, why not have Jesus come in the first place, if God knew how sinful they would be?
Isabel's picture
Hi Premier_Timur. The way I see it is that if God hadn't let mankind go through the process of getting it wrong we would never have realised that on our own we are bad and desperately need God. I think it's the other way round - throughout history BC He was longing to show us mercy by giving us Jesus, but He knew He needed to wait for us to be ready, then at the perfect time He came.
CharlotteE's picture
Hi both. I struggle with this too and it was on my heart during the reading today. I definitely don't have the answer although what you say Isabel does ring true. For me, with these sorts of issues / questions - it comes back to Jesus. It's Jesus who won me. And Him that made sense. So for me right now I just accept that there's some details I don't understand! Not in a simplistic / details don't matter sort of way (they do - hence why I'm doing this BIOY!) - but just in that... I don't understand God's full plan. But he's showed enough that we can trust Him - especially in Jesus. Does that make sense? Sorry if it's rambling. Just some thoughts!
JamJar00's picture
Remeber Adam and Eve, their fall at choosing to eat the apple is a symbolism that we have free choice in the world; therefore to me it shows humans may not always act how God would ideally like us to. I'm sure God would have much preferred us to simply follow the old testament correctly in the first place but the fact that once again we couldn't manage that and yet he still tried to have a relationship with us (but putting more burden on him) shows how much he loves us! :)