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Day 113 | Joshua, Luke, Psalms

Day 113 | Joshua, Luke, Psalms

22 Dec 2018
Joshua 3:1 - 5:12
Luke 22:1-38
Psalms 50:1-15

Old Testament

New Testament


CharlotteE's picture
Thank you for your reflections today. I am still so amazed at what he did for us. At church last night we sang 'How deep the Father's love for us'. It moved me to tears, again, to think of it. Particularly this verse: Why should I gain from His reward? I cannot give an answer But this I know with all my heart His wounds have paid my ransom So today my prayer is that I would live with this knowledge of his Grace and Mercy shaping my heart and my actions. And that all people would come to know of this greatest of gifts, and live accordingly, in gratitude and praise! May God bless you all.
Premier_Timur's picture
Recently I feel like I've been stalling in matters of faith; having lost all momentum, I'm now falling back, especially in regards to temptation. Any ideas?
Isabel's picture
Sorry Premier_Timur. It could be great to try to find a leader / friend of the same sex to tell it to - I did that just the other week and it's helped a lot - she's been praying (and she's also not afraid to tell me off - she's good.) And I guess above all else what's helped me is just looking at Jesus again (like you're already doing through BIOY.) When I look at Him and remember everything He's done for me... He's the best forgiv-er ever - shocking / scandalous even. He's also strong and He will not let you go. I love what Charlotte put - helps me remember. He's doing much more than you know through the difficulties - keep going!
Premier_Timur's picture
Thank you Isabel :)
Premier_Timur_2's picture
Why do the disciples give Jesus two swords? I don't get that little verse, any ideas?
DinaHaines's picture
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