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Day 115 | Joshua, Luke, Psalms

Day 115 | Joshua, Luke, Psalms

24 Dec 2018
Joshua 8:1 - 9:15
Luke 22:63 - 23:25
Psalms 51:1-9

Old Testament

New Testament


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It is so amazing. Agreed. Hallelujah!
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I would just like to add I was watching the second Narnia film Prince Caspin and with Mike said keep looking for Jesus I would like to say in film when some of them were not looking for Aslan and felt he had left them. Lucy was the only one who believed but they did things their own way and lots of people were killed but when Aslan showed up and they knew he was with them , they knew it was the best way. life is not easy and we struggle but Gods way is the only way and we must not give up on him as he does not give up on us. Keep going as God thinks we are worth it and so is he
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Just a word in the entire violence theme throughout the old testament. I dug out some notes that I took at the summer conference this year, and found some about 'The hard bits of the bible'. I think what Andy said in his seminar (all the way back in the summer) has been pretty much summarised by what people have said here, but one key point that I also noticed was about justice. If God is ultimately just, then he must have a way of carrying out his justice. If not, then he'd be powerless, and have no authority. He had to allow punishment to fall at some point for his moral framework to work. There were other bits, but I took they've been pretty well summarised here, in the videos and comments :)
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This is really simple, but I just remembered in relation to all the violence and killings in the Old Testament: God hates sin and evil because it harms us - and He loves us.