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Day 116 | Joshua, Luke, Proverbs

Day 116 | Joshua, Luke, Proverbs

25 Dec 2018
Joshua 9:16 - 10:43
Luke 23:26-56
Proverbs 10:21-30

Old Testament

New Testament


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On Christmas Day we remember Jesus' birth - how poinient that in our reading we also remember His cruel death. A Saviour born in the most disgusting way, laid in a filthy stable inside a trough, and rejected and killed in the most disgusting way. Thank you God that you did it all for us. You are amazing, God.
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Jesus is AMAZING! (Also thanks to Mike for daring to tell us straight. My friend said practically the same to me the other day. I didn't take it well. It's really good friends who say that when needed though.) Now to go and celebrate the rest of Jesus "birthday"! Happy Christmas!!!
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Happy Christmas everyone