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Day 12 | Genesis, Matthew, Proverbs

Day 12 | Genesis, Matthew, Proverbs

12 Sep 2018
Genesis 25:1 - 26:35
Matthew 10:1-31
Proverbs 1:20-33

Old Testament

New Testament


tonylees's picture
Thanks Ali I love this story in the new testament because of its truth of what its like to be challenging people with truths
Adelle's picture
Thanks Ali, I love that you always pick out a phrase or few words that are easy to remember throughout the day and remind us of the full passage. He calls, sends and cares.
MiriamRose's picture
"Missing out on the best because our appetite is driving us to take the least"- really great summary of Jacob and Esau, have known this story for years but have never gotten much out if it until now, really made question myself and think! Thanks Ali.
Beefstu's picture
Interesting. This is really causing me to reflect on when I might have settled for second best, when I could have waited/had more faith/relied less on my own human understanding to have God's best.