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Day 129 | Judges, John, Psalms

Day 129 | Judges, John, Psalms

7 Jan 2019
Judges 9:1-57
John 6:1-24
Psalms 58:1-11

Old Testament

New Testament


Crenshaw's picture
Thanks for the New Testament discussion today Andy. Nearly every day at work I feel like I haven't enough time for the tasks I need to do. It's sometimes extremely difficult to realise that God is in control of the situation because my work always feels out of control. Anyway I need to remember that God can do the impossible more often this year!
EstherDC's picture
Thank you Andy.. your new testament video rings v true for me too! I know what my prayer will be about tonight:)
JamJar00's picture
Last night I prayed for just that and today I not only felt relaxed but managed to get plenty done and devoted a large chunk of my day to helping a friend in need. Only after reading this did I actually realise how much I managed with God's help! :)