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Day 13 | Genesis, Matthew, Psalms

Day 13 | Genesis, Matthew, Psalms

13 Sep 2018
Genesis 27:1 - 28:22
Matthew 10:32 - 11:15
Psalms 9:1-6

Old Testament

New Testament


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Thanks Ali, Love that God has a timescale a bigger picture he is there even in the circumstances we don't understand.
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Gods timing is perfect and it shows us this and being waiting for what he is going to do in our lives can be hard but wait on him as he knows what he is doing. The Bible may not have these front covers that have exciting things on front cover but also is a bit , we must not judge a person by the way they look but get to know the person on the inside as they can surprise you, like the the bible surprises us as has lots of exciting things happening. Keep going and keep reading as will inspire you
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also when doubt creeps in he is the one who will walk with you in all times and know their has been times I have been on my knees crying out like John questioning but the song Trust and Obey comes to mind as in hard times can be hard to trust but God works things out his way and we have to trust that and keep following him and i know that committing my day to him helps. In morning just offer day up to him and does not have to be a long prayer or just speak it out say well lord im up and be with me or help me face this day. I do not always have a great day but when have done this my day seems not as bad as first thought. I will share this lots of things this year when at SS got to me my daughter started having panic attacks, lack of sleep some nights and alful rain thunder at week b for couple of days. when I got home in the shower God spoke to me saying why did you not come to me in mornings at SS as was first thing I did at home and realised I had not , and feel that is why things got to me so know with me it is a must to start and end day with him. So he goes before behind and everywhere with us so let him have full control
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I needed to hear that is very tough in the valleys. Thanks Ali
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Thanks Ali really relevant for me at the moment
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Thank you Ali, you really encouraged me today. As someone who has yet to see the fulfilment of some of Gods promises for me and my young family, it was lovely to be reminded not to make it happen ourselves but to wait on God for his perfect timing