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Day 130 | Judges, John, Psalms

Day 130 | Judges, John, Psalms

8 Jan 2019
Judges 10:1 - 11:40
John 6:25-59
Psalms 59:1-8

Old Testament

New Testament


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This is the first time I have read this Old Testament passage and it is really shocking to read, so I am so grateful for your explanation of this Andy, that it was wrong to make the vow in the first place and wrong to have carried it out.
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I just wanted to say thank you so much Ali, Andy and Mike for the Bible in a Year video teachings, they are such a blessing. I love your today's New Testament reflections Andy, thank you.
jwardroper's picture
I like your talk today. What jumped out for me was Judges 10 v10. Almighty God is so merciful and loving. Even though they had turned their backs on Him ‘He could not bear the misery of Israel any longer’!!!v 16. What an awesome loving God we have!!!