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Day 131 | Judges, John, Psalms

Day 131 | Judges, John, Psalms

9 Jan 2019
Judges 12:1 - 13:25
John 6:60 - 7:13
Psalms 59:9-17

Old Testament

New Testament


CharlotteE's picture
Welcome back Ali. Thank you for your reflections on the readings today. I've been having a tough week with anxiety. The last few days God has really spoken to me through his word and these videos. The thing I struggle with is how to submit to His will, how to truly live in the belief of nothing being impossible for Him - in practical terms! I'd be interested to hear how people practically follow Him and submit to Him on a daily basis - especially on the big questions of life - career, family etc. But either way - he has brought me through the anxiety and led me as always. I completely agree that when we reflect on our imperfect and flawed nature - His Grace is all the more obvious, profound and miraculous.
EstherDC's picture
Hi Charlotte. .lovely words from you.. enjoy rest in Gods presence and word and all those areas you want answers with will start unfolding naturally in God's perfect timing .. Love & God Bless x