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Day 135 | Judges, John, Psalms

Day 135 | Judges, John, Psalms

13 Jan 2019
Judges 20:1 - 21:25
John 8:31-59
Psalms 61:1-8

Old Testament

New Testament


Premier_Timur's picture
Hi guys, sorry to be a pain, but the Christian Union at my school is starting up in 2 days time now, and I would really appreciate prayer that the right people would hear about it and come. I feel like God is calling me to set it up to lead the younger year groups in encouraging them in their faith... Thanks :)
Isabel's picture
So much to process from todays videos again - thanks so much! Premier_Timur - that's so exciting! I'd been wanting to ask you; thanks for telling us. I felt God's going to do something deep in your hearts through this.
Premier_Timur_2's picture
Haha, good job past-Tim :D