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Day 137 | Ruth, John, Psalms

Day 137 | Ruth, John, Psalms

15 Jan 2019
Ruth 3:1 - 4:22
John 9:35 - 10:21
Psalms 62:1-12

Old Testament


Premier_Timur's picture
Well, here we go... Day 1 of the Christian Union... Praying for God's anointing of what happens today.
jen's picture
Loving the whole bible in one year thing by the way - massive thanks for this great resource. Have really loved how every time there's a story about the Pharisees, you turn on it's head my instinct to judge them by encouraging self reflection - i.e. How am I like this sometimes... Thanks :0)
Editor's picture
Hey all, apologies for the delay on the NT video, we're working on it :)
Isabel's picture
Premier_Timur I hope it went well. Would love to hear!
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Where is the NT video? ):