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Day 142 | 1 Samuel, John, Psalms

Day 142 | 1 Samuel, John, Psalms

20 Jan 2019
1 Samuel 10:9 - 12:25
John 12:37 - 13:17
Psalms 66:1-12

Old Testament

New Testament


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I have been a Christian for about 22 years and have read my Bible through several times. Because it is God's Living Word, each time God has different things to say to me which is really exciting :) I must say that reading the Soul Survivor Bible in a Year with the short video's is brilliant as it expands on each passage and really makes you think about what He is saying.
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Thank you, the OT message was an amazing reminder and just what I needed to hear, relevant to an approaching situation! Thanks again.
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Thanks for this Danielle, and all at Soul Survivor. As an old codger, in his 60's i'm so impressed by all of us who want to get to know God better through His word. The example Jesus gives as a true leader reminds us that we're saved to serve, anyone who think (s)he's to important to be a servant has got to go right back to basics & start again, I pray that all of us who aspire to leadership will live this out & not have to learn God's teaching the hard way.