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Day 143 | 1 Samuel, John, Psalms

Day 143 | 1 Samuel, John, Psalms

21 Jan 2019
1 Samuel 13:1 - 14:23
John 13:18-38
Psalms 66:13-20

Old Testament

New Testament


Ann's picture
So much to take in - it was night & dark when Judas went out - in the midst of all the chaos our job is to love - I like what you say - let's put on love today and represent Him well!
Isabel's picture
It's great to see your comment Ann (sometimes I can't), but you say some really good things! And Danielle - Wow! Thanks so much! Doing the BIOY has been one of the best commitments I have ever made. I never imagined how profoundly God's book would impact me, and I know I'm only at the beginning of the journey. I used to think that studying the Bible was the dullest thing, and although I did read it, I didn't read it half as much, and never understood a lot. I still need much more to see the big picture, and there's a lot deeper for me to go - thanks so much for your help with the videos as I'm trying to learn to let God teach me Himself. Now (also thanks to my Ugandan friends) it's a manual for life that I can't live without - and best of all it helps me know Him, and He's starting to change my heart - it works!
Adelle's picture
Love the NT reading today, love (is) the message even if it is challenging!
Jennypatton's picture
Thanks Danielle, The commentaries are great and the last two days have really spoken into my life and opened up these passages for me.