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Day 16 | Genesis, Matthew, Proverbs

Day 16 | Genesis, Matthew, Proverbs

16 Sep 2018
Genesis 32:1 - 33:20
Matthew 12:22-45
Proverbs 2:1-11

Old Testament

New Testament


tonylees's picture
Very though provoking today thanks guys
DannyTwiggy's picture
Both passages seem to relate. Jacob gets his hip broken and Jesus is angry with the Pharisees. All that for God's love.
EstherDC's picture
Jacob such a changed man! Thank God!
B_Hannah's picture
Woah. "The opposite of love is not anger or hate, but indifference" - that's really spoken to me today. Thank you guys. This series is doing wonders for my faith and hearing God. Words can't express how thankful I am.'s picture
Great as always, just thought Jacob is involved with serious rivalry with Esau and steals his birthright. Yet when Jacob has sons and they plot to kill Joseph he doesn't see it coming.