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Day 186 | 2 Kings, Acts, Psalms

Day 186 | 2 Kings, Acts, Psalms

5 Mar 2019
2 Kings 10:1 - 11:21
Acts 24:1-27
Psalms 80:8-19

Old Testament

New Testament


Premier_Timur's picture
Such an incredibly timely message in the old testament for me today, thank you so much... But what if the monotony carries on?? What if no change comes??
Premier_Timur_2's picture
How interesting to look back at my old comment today... Little did I know back then that change would finally come, thank you Jesus :)
Rebex's picture
That's really encouraging to hear, PT2
jwardroper's picture
So so helpful. I have and am really struggling with a Church i go to. This has been going on for years and I feel like a i am been given the cold sholder. Sometimes I need to walk. I felt God of the Angel Armies really encouraging me. So helpful. May God bless you ever so richly for this study. Thank you!!