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Day 191 | 2 Kings, Acts, Psalms

Day 191 | 2 Kings, Acts, Psalms

10 Mar 2019
2 Kings 19:14 - 20:21
Acts 28:1-16
Psalms 83:1-18

Old Testament

New Testament


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God is faithful and would just like to say my husband has been off sick with chest pains chest infection. The Doctor has also been doing other checks ike ECG blood tests and then we get a letter saying not getting paid for being off sick. This month we ere going to pay for one of us and part deposit for us to go SS in summer. We are going to lose £150.00 this and next month but a friend felt God saying they needed to pay for some of this, so now one of us is booked on and praying and having faith in God for what ever lies ahead. Also me and my sister have nnot spoken in a while and been praying for us to start talking again and things moving there too so never give up on God as he never gives up on you.