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Day 198 | Amos, Romans, Psalms

Day 198 | Amos, Romans, Psalms

17 Mar 2019
Amos 5:1-27
Romans 4:1-15
Psalms 86:1-10

Old Testament

New Testament


Wendy's picture
thank you for this and can I have prayer today as my husband is going to rapid chest clinic and going on treadmill and am praying for healing and answer to why he is having these pains. as he has had all tests and seems ok wirh ECG and x ray just awaiting why he has these, So please pray for my husband John today x
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JamJar00's picture
Sure thing Wendy, best wishes to you and him.
Wendy's picture
we have to go Oxford John Radcliffe but this is only to rule out anything as all results come back ok where he will be on a bike after being injected with something to see what is going on and thanks for prayers and was not on treadmill as thought