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Day 1 | Genesis, Matthew, Psalms

Day 1 | Genesis, Matthew, Psalms

1 Sep 2018
Genesis 1:1 - 2:17
Matthew 1:1-25
Psalms 1:1-6

Old Testament

New Testament


Lollipop5345's picture
Hi guys, really excited to start this Bible in one year, hopefully it will be a great experience! Loving Genesis 1:26, Matthew 1:22 - 23 and Psalm 1:3
Jessejohn's picture
Wow, thank you so much Soul Survivor, for this great resource! It's wonderfull to read the Bible in one year with you all! I grew up in a christian family, and made the personal choice to follow Jesus when I was 14, and I never read the whole Bible. I'm thankfull to read the Bible in one year and know God more and more. God bless you all this year, that you may know Him more and grow in your relationship with Him
Howard-Bakerd's picture
Thankyou so much for doing this, Soul Survivor was amazing in every way, now I get to pursue it everyday without it being a burden, cause come one! The bible is a tad boring when you read it alone. However, with the spoken version and the commentaries, I really feel I can get into the bible to learn about God, hear his word and further develop my relationship and passion for him! Praise be to God :)
Franvaughan27's picture
Excited to start this bible in a year with Mike & Andy! :D
Tim Roberts's picture
Hi SS and others. Thanks for the website, looks great and will be helpful with our readings.
Pauljankelly's picture
Loving this It may be aimed at youth but I would recommend it to any one Thanks
MattAustin93's picture
Well, just starting now. Looking to do two a day for a while, so I should catch up with you by mid March! Great to be on the journey with everybody, thanks Mike and Andy for putting this together.
sarah2015's picture
Another late starter here! Decided to do this in 2015 but thought it made more sense to start at the beginning!
SeHuSu's picture
Starting for a 2nd year :)
Nu's picture
Listening to the word is the best start u can have to ur day .