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Day 1 | Genesis, Matthew, Psalms

Day 1 | Genesis, Matthew, Psalms

1 Sep 2018
Genesis 1:1 - 2:17
Matthew 1:1-25
Psalms 1:1-6

Old Testament

New Testament


sophia-jenkins's picture
Trying to do it on the app this year and its super glitchy. Keeps going to say 11 for some reason. Anything that can be done? Or is being done?
The Daddy's picture
Thank you gentlemen.
Chrisfuller99's picture
I'm only starting it now. I hope it's not too late!
Rebex's picture
Found you again - Hello SS BIOY!
Katherine's picture
I heard at Soul Survivor this year that you'd be doing this again. I started it last year but only kept it up about a week. I haven't heard anything about a new version so i'll just use this (i'm only 1 day behind i can catch up right now)
Caroline Morrison's picture
only a few weeks behind!