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Day 2 | Genesis, Matthew, Psalms

Day 2 | Genesis, Matthew, Psalms

2 Sep 2018
Genesis 2:18 - 4:16
Matthew 2:1-18
Psalms 2:1-12

Old Testament

New Testament


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We've just finished day two before going off to work. Finding it really good so far, so thanks. Trying to get our yp to follow along as well. Would be handy if the website leaves you logged in tho.
tonylees's picture
Really eye opening and challenging as I find it hard to get into the word
Lorna beaumont's picture
What are the scriptures
Lorna beaumont's picture
And what is the word
Jelly 123's picture
Loving "Let us be a people of the Word, but also of the Spirit". And I think the scriptures and the word are the Bible
smd_14's picture
The first two days have been great so far! Looking forward to tomorrows part! Also, thanks for the really interesting videos!
jules's picture
Thanks Mike for pointing out the little gem in 'the star' and being 'a people of passion'. The scribes etc knew the scriptures but hadn't got the passion to go and see for themselves! What an eye opener! ;)
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Lorna beaumont: you asked - 'What are the scriptures' This is referring to the scrolls that the chief priests & teachers used, and they make up the Jewish Bible, The Torah, which is our Old Testament in the Bible. They are the same! You also asked - 'And what is the word' This has two meanings. When Mike refers to 'Spirit & Word', 'Spirit' refers to the Holy Spirit and the 'Word' refers to The Bible, which is God's WORD for His people - us. But also 'The Word' is used to describe Jesus. In the opening chapters of John's Gospel he refers to Jesus as 'The Word', Jesus has many names in the Bible and this is one of them! Hope this helps. BTW great little insights Mike & Andy, thanks.
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have told youth on our closed page on facebook about this and hope some take it up, am doing it too and said here to help them if need be and this is my third time doing it and looking forward to year ahead and thanks for new recordings and takes me back to SS when Mike got Beth and Andy playing Adam and Eve on stage. We are all made for a reason none of us are a accident as God has a plan for us all
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Love waking up to do this first thing in the morning - sets me up for the day and Andys and Mikes insight into the Bible really brings it alive along with asking the Holy Spirit to reveal the scripture in a new way for us all. Thanks for doing the videos guys!