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Day 212 | 1 Chronicles, Romans, Proverbs

Day 212 | 1 Chronicles, Romans, Proverbs

31 Mar 2019
1 Chronicles 9:1 - 10:14
Romans 14:1-18
Proverbs 18:17 - 19:2

Old Testament

New Testament


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This has been a theme for me raised in church and prayer settling disputes and not by being judgem
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..judgemental or argumentative but just inquiring and being open peaceably about where you are on certain issues. God will have the last word. We should agree to disagree at times but we are all on a journey and let God do the talking and convict us individually as and when the time is right.Nobody is perfect or fully there yet! (Romans 14 verse 5 says:"Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind" )
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Well done Abi, on the New Testament video. Really appreciate it.
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Interesting to thing that we often concentrate on the food aspect & not the other things that we differ over (priests & bishops v priesthood of all believers, written prayerbook v spontaneous prayers, etc.) I think concentrating on Jesus is soo essential, by this we shall be known as His disciples, if we have love for one another). agape pete
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Just a thought, am i the only one to feel surprise that Paul's words about eating meat that had been offered to idols should feel very up to date with current means of slaughtering animals according to a certain religeous ritual?