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Day 263 | Isaiah, Galations, Psalms

Day 263 | Isaiah, Galations, Psalms

21 May 2019
Isaiah 47:1 - 49:7
Galatians 5:7-26
Psalms 109:1-20

Old Testament

New Testament


Wendy's picture
Hello I posted the other day on a young 19 year old in hospital and with sadness I tell you he died yesterday and am now asking for prayers for his family at this time and as I prayed last night I cannot fully understand why he was taken so young but maybe it was his healing but not how was expected. They are not followers as am aware but can still pray for them. Prayers for me and family too as am wondering if will face questions why, when fully do not understand ourselves
katypartridge's picture
Praying for you and the family Wendy.
Bev's picture
Praying for you and his family Wendy.
Dawn Flanagan's picture
Praying for peace, comfort and wisdom. Sorry for your loss.
Wendy's picture
thank you his family will be taking it hard x