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Day 291 | Jeremiah, 1 Timothy, Psalms

Day 291 | Jeremiah, 1 Timothy, Psalms

18 Jun 2019
Jeremiah 38:1 - 40:6
1 Timothy 3:1-16
Psalms 119:57-64

Old Testament

New Testament


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I personally found Paul to Timothy to be clearer than Mrs Strickland proposed. He very clearly sets out the criteria for leadership. I do feel you should meet this as a minimum while, most importantly be sure that leadership is Gods calling for you and not a human whim. With regard female leaders all it says is they should be worthy of respect. The term deaconess is not mentioned at all here and the inference would appear to be a male centred leadership hierarchy with godly women supporting the work. They should be accorded the same respect so long as they are 'temperate and trustworthy in everything'. As a new convert I am prepared to listen however if you feel differently as I am not qualified as yet to lead myself as God forbid I become conceited.
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Just a quick added thought, it sounds like a tri-unity the relationship between men, women and children, as each are equal, but different parts of the same whole, this perhaps mirrors the triune nature of God? Would anyone agree with me here?