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Day 3 | Genesis, Matthew, Psalms

Day 3 | Genesis, Matthew, Psalms

3 Sep 2018
Genesis 4:17 - 6:22
Matthew 2:19 - 3:17
Psalms 3:1-8

Old Testament

New Testament


Adelle's picture
Thanks Mike and Andy I have read this passage in Matthew many times and never made the connection with the flood. Loved the baptisms message I always though it was to fulfil prophesy yet he was showing us what he had come to do.
Mollitha's picture
Learning so much I wouldn't have thought about on my own, thank you!
LyneeLoo's picture
loving these sessions!! My kids came home from Soul Survivor talking about this project so we are doing it as a whole the passages in our own time and then come together to watch the blogs (and largely laugh at Mike Pillow-Factory's (sorry....this name has stuck!) faces). Great idea! thanks muchly! xx
ntarver's picture
I have loved the reading today. Never made the link between the flood and Jesus baptism before. Very thought provoking :) x
EstherDC's picture
And Jesus was able to baptise with the Holy Spirit and fire ..what was meant by fire? Mathew 3 11
Letisha's picture
Definitely better than doing it alone. Thanks!
Jessejohn's picture
I love this! It's so good to read the Word of God every day. And the video's of Mike and Andy are so helpfull! Thanks :)
Ccspeller's picture
Thank you for opening my eyes to the stories I have read lots and overlooked. Great example with Enoch and linking the flood to the baptism - my thirst is growing for a God each day reading and listening to it all!
jamieaa64's picture
@EsterDC - I don't know if this helps: But it seems to suggest "fire" is used to depict God. I don't know if I agree with the rest of what this guy is saying regarding conviction and uncleanliness though.
jules's picture
Thanks you guys. What an insight with the Dove! Will remember that one!