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Day 30 | Job, Matthew, Psalms

Day 30 | Job, Matthew, Psalms

30 Sep 2018
Job 15:1 - 18:21
Matthew 20:20-34
Psalms 17:13-15

Old Testament

New Testament


Ann's picture
Thanks Ali!
EstherDC's picture
Giving love and support is all Job needed from his friends..thank you Ali
Ccspeller's picture
Always wondered why it was so long, but having been going through a Job period for 18 months, I am getting so much comfort from this book. Thanks Ali, this is great
adelledobson's picture
Thank you Ali :)
Rebex's picture
I'm another who always wondered why it was so long, and is encouraged by your explanation. Though I'm glad the technique isn't used by current writers!
bev33's picture
What you said Ali at the beginning of the old testerment reading was so meant for me today. Thank you Lord!