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Day 38 | Job, Matthew, Psalms

Day 38 | Job, Matthew, Psalms

8 Oct 2018
Job 40:3 - 42:17
Matthew 25:14-46
Psalms 18:43-50

Old Testament

New Testament


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Amazing resource but the New Testament video will not load today
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New testament video has the wrong ID again so cannot show up / be played in Android app. Totally enjoying this whole experience though and encouraging our youth to keep going!
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Hey guys. Sorry for the delay on the NT video this morning, it should all be fine now. Keep up the good work!
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Thanks for the insightful and inspiring videos. A thought on the parable of the talents: The servant entrusted with the one talent has a twisted view of his master which is not true. We are not told whether he actually believed this. Got me thinking that whether or not I choose to step out in faith has got a lot to do with my relationship with God and a proper understanding of who He is is and what He has done for me. So I'm trying to spend more time in His presence and get to know Him even better :-)
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@cjr - 2 years later but thank you for the words you wrote here, they prompted me into some thought and i'm praying the same prayer you did. Something else struck me, as it said in Matthew that 'you knew of..' which was mirrored by today's section of Job when God was offended by Job's friends who had spoken out of knowing of God but not actually knowing Him in relationship. It's very easy to fill our heads with knowledge of Jesus, The Bible and who God is, but unless we walk with him day to day, we don't really know him. So this is my prayer for today xD