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Day 4 | Genesis, Matthew, Proverbs

Day 4 | Genesis, Matthew, Proverbs

4 Sep 2018
Genesis 7:1 - 9:17
Matthew 4:1-22
Proverbs 1:1-7

Old Testament

New Testament


tonylees's picture
These are wise word thanks Andy
Wendy's picture
Thanks for that Andy and good way of seeing God as a protector in all what was going on with the Ark, Which makes me think sometimes we do not see how God has protectected us till we look back and think and say wow thanks for that. God also shows us things when we least expect it and am glad he does as he keeps us on our toes,
EstherDC's picture
Great words and understanding Andy..thank you
Ccspeller's picture
Great wisdom
sarah2015's picture
Really reassuring to realise that some of Jesus's hardest times/greatest temptations followed his baptism. Thank you!
Isabel Munday's picture
Thanks Andy very interesting today :)
katypartridge's picture
Needed to hear that today!