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Day 41 | Exodus, Matthew, Psalms

Day 41 | Exodus, Matthew, Psalms

11 Oct 2018
Exodus 6:13 - 8:32
Matthew 26:47-68
Psalms 19:7-14

Old Testament

New Testament


Bev's picture
Going through the Bible in a year is such a blessing to me. I love the new insights you give to passages I have read before and perhaps never truly understood or thought about in the ways you are showing me. It had never crossed my mind how or why Peter had a sword. Thank you so much for this resource.
Adelle's picture
Thanks Ali the last two days readings/videos have spoken to me alot just those words 'he chose the cross' it's so so powerful.
Ann's picture
Thanks again Ali - also like the thought of why Peter had the sword!
Howard-Bakerd's picture
Thanks a bunch Ali, an insightful and very provocative message you always have in store :)
Paul's picture
Thanks for the insight Ali, I'm left wondering if I depend too much not on a sword, but on what's in the cupboard - or in the bank - rather than on the unlimited provisions of Jesus.
CSpin's picture
Wow - the sword thoughts are so useful. I'm going to try and think all day about when I pick up my sword instead of relying on Jesus. Thanks Ali.