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Day 43 | Exodus, Matthew, Psalms

Day 43 | Exodus, Matthew, Psalms

13 Oct 2018
Exodus 11:1 - 12:51
Matthew 27:11-44
Psalms 21:1-7

Old Testament

New Testament


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Jesus is so incredible. He's so kind, gentle, self-controlled, strong, humble - even thinking of us above Himself. What a God!
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Reading the Bible is really worth it,i used to hear people quote scriptures but i never knew where they are found in the Bible,but now that i can read it by myself it all becomes fresh and it comes with powerful new revelations. Thank you God for your Word
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A most insightful translation of what the sacrifices of all the lambs etc really means. My perception of it has been dramatically changed. In the New Testament, as you clearly stated, the cross is the sign of God's love for every one of us. The description of his suffering really highlights what he went through, for our sake. Thanks Mike.