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Day 47 | Exodus, Mark, Psalms

Day 47 | Exodus, Mark, Psalms

17 Oct 2018
Exodus 19:1 - 20:26
Mark 1:29 - 2:17
Psalms 22:12-21

Old Testament

New Testament


Wendy's picture
Prayer is not easy and some days I find it very hard but Jesus is always at the other end and always listening not like when sometimes talking to someone and then notice headphones in Jesus can always hear and does not always have to be a long prayer. The short ones he hears too. Prayers can sometimes if have request or praying for someone take a while to be answered but do not give up as it will be answered Gods way not our way
Isabel's picture
I came online to ask a question about prayer. Thanks for the encouragements.
commalex's picture
Thanks Andy, you set out a great challenge.
Howard-Bakerd's picture
I loved your description of prayer, being a conversation with God at all levels. Cheers Andy :)
peter messum's picture
your comment at the very end of the new testament reading brought me up short, if we want all that we do to be in line with His power we must pray (or something very similar) so important to pray rather than just do things (however good) for Him