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Day 50 | Exodus, Mark, Psalms

Day 50 | Exodus, Mark, Psalms

20 Oct 2018
Exodus 25:1 - 26:37
Mark 4:30 - 5:20
Psalms 23:1-6

Old Testament

New Testament


Pamela's picture
I have been given psalm 23 about 6 times now.
Howard-Bakerd's picture
I especially loved your message about doing everything (secular or spiritual) as a form of worship towards God. I will never forget that insight. Cheers Andy.
zharok's picture
I struggle so much over how I spend my time and end up feeling distant from God and miserable. Today's commentary was so helpful i've written it on my wall. I'd often thought that whatever we do should bring praise to God, be it watching TV or reading a book as God will often meet us where we are at, but doubt can be a crippling thing. So thank you so much for today's message! :3
peter messum's picture
As someone who's just lost his job, today's new testament blog is so appropriate. Even though I've been a christian for many years (coming up to 50 I think) I still recognise that I have to trust Him for everything, that He has been with me through good times & bad, and that He's never left me, despite what I've done. Each of you, take heart, He is reliable, He will never, never leave you, no matter what you've done or what you do.