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Day 55 | Exodus, Mark, Psalms

Day 55 | Exodus, Mark, Psalms

25 Oct 2018
Exodus 35:1 - 36:38
Mark 7:31 - 8:13
Psalms 25:16-22

Old Testament

New Testament


Adelle's picture
Thanks Ali, really needed to hear this today. I love how God speaks through these videos:)
EstherDC's picture
Loved how you said 'we are going to get there too':)
skeye's picture
Hey Ali just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to put these video messages up. They really help me stay focused on what we are reading and I feel like I have learnt and grown so much already.
bev33's picture
These videos are amazing and spoke so clearly to me today. Thanks Ali and praise the Lord for he is good :)