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Day 58 | Leviticus, Mark, Psalms

Day 58 | Leviticus, Mark, Psalms

28 Oct 2018
Leviticus 1:1 - 3:17
Mark 9:33 - 10:12
Psalms 27:1-6

Old Testament

New Testament


Wendy's picture
I do not know why but before going to sleep last night I had a picture of me speaking at conference saying about a song To Be In Your Presence. The song has lines in it like to sit at your feet, to cherish it moment and not to rush away. The rushing away spoke to me about how busy our lives are and we rush things but God has not rushed creating us and our plan for our lives. I think he was saying STOP and rest with me take in my word and cherish it soak it up and be still. God gave us Jesus and sometimes in the busy of our lives we do not fully take in what is being spoken over us, so why not today rest in his presence and listen and cherish like God cherishes each one of us