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Day 9 | Genesis, Matthew, Psalms

Day 9 | Genesis, Matthew, Psalms

9 Sep 2018
Genesis 19:1 - 20:18
Matthew 7:24 - 8:22
Psalms 7:1-9

Old Testament

New Testament


Ccspeller's picture
Thank you Ali, strong message! That's really helped solve some things in my life. I thought I had got Gods instructions wrong as it resulted in a very different outcome, but in fact I did get them right, it just is hard being obedient as it's not all roses and rewards when we are obedient! Great food for thought today
strawberry's picture
a great interpretation of 'let the dead bury the dead' - never interpreted it this way.
Dan98's picture
Awesome way to finish my massive catch up! Thanks Ali you really explained it well.
Jelly 123's picture
Amazing Ali thank you! Really encouraged to be more obedient and to follow Jesus more thoroughly and confirmed what I felt God's said.
Pauljankelly's picture
Another amazing blog. Me and my life are loving reading this together then discussing it then watching the videos. So often I've read this chapter and almost thought Jesus was being quite mean but the blog really puts a good angle on it. Again for you so much for all your work God bless
Pauljankelly's picture
Wife not life (oops )
Rebex's picture
Hi - I love this - been doing it a while, it's really informative and a big boost at the start of the day - but is it on this year? The front page starts at Day 31 (for me) and there don't seem to be any comments.
Rebex's picture
Although I see I might have missed any comments, as I was expecting the newest to be on top. Oops!