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Day 98 | Deuteronomy, Luke, Psalms

Day 98 | Deuteronomy, Luke, Psalms

7 Dec 2018
Deuteronomy 9:1 - 10:22
Luke 12:1-34
Psalms 42:6-11

Old Testament

New Testament


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Ha! I wish I'd taken the thing about trusting God and not anything else more to heart - I'd asked Him to help me trust Him more, then I had a situation which I found stressful last night, and to be honest I didn't do very well. I'm so grateful that He's not given up on me, and that even when everything around me seems like chaos and nobody knows what to do, He's in control and He knows exactly what's happening. Looking forward to growing in trusting Him more this year - I hope I do better than last night!